Between 2014 and 2016, Rafaël Rozendaal realized an extensive series of haiku as non-physical artworks, originally written as three-liners on his cell phone. His ironic and sharp observations of contemporary society in the digital age then quickly changed form, appearing first as tweets, then as blogposts, on Instagram, and later as artist publications and room-sized murals. The works realized in the exhibition are also based on a script by the artist for the implementation and were site-specific.

Postmasters Gallery, Rom, 2019
Photo: Giorgio Benni

Haiku, 2014–2016
Realization: Klaus Schlüter

Haiku 097, 2014 
Courtesy of Upstream Gallery

Haiku 237, 2016
Courtesy of Upstream Gallery

Haiku 111, 2015
Collection Rik Klinkhamer

Haiku 084, 2014
Courtesy of Upstream Gallery

Haiku 061, 2014
Collection The Chain Museum